Cultural Competence

  1. Awareness of one’s own cultural worldview
  2. Attitude towards cultural differences
  3. Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews
  4. Cross-cultural skills
  • Get people to report on cultural surprises that occur within the context of your work.
  • Discuss them as a group.
  • Try to take the cultural other’s perspective.
  • Come up with some alternative hypotheses about the beliefs and motivations behind the behaviors.
  • Locate cultural mentors inside or outside your team or organization and ask them questions.
  • Compare their answers.
  • Understand what cultural competence is.
  • Promote the specific cultural skills and knowledge that are important for your people to learn.
  • Give examples of how cultural competence will change and improve the ways your people do their jobs.



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Basia Skudrzyk

Basia Skudrzyk

Basia is an international business professional specializing in branding, education, workforce and business development.